What Motivates Us?


Billions of People in Danger

According to the Joshua Project, over 40% of the world's population have essentially no Christian communities and thus witnesses to share the Gospel with them. Applying this figure to the current world population, that means over 3 billion people have never heard the Gospel and have no opportunity to hear. 

Multitudes of People Suffering

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world wake up each morning to lives of terrible suffering, including poverty, disease, torment, starvation, lack of clean water, violence, oppression, abandonment, and abuse. 

Many Die Everyday

Everyday, over 130,000 people die. (worldodometers.info) Many of them do not know The Lord. These people die and are eternally separated from God forever. 

The Gospel is the Power of God for Salvation to All Who Believe

Through Jesus and what He did on the cross, we have access to every solution and provision we and the world around us could ever need, including eternal salvation, extending to current transformation. We are called to bring heaven to earth through laid down lives of love, through the preaching of the Gospel, lifestyles of loving sacrifice, and the discipleship of the people and nations who believe.